• Deliver best value for money through continous improvement to all steel customers.

  • Maintain transparency at all level of the value chain.

  • Customize steel demand as much as possible.

  • Give complete solution, not only the product.

  • Build everlasting relationship with every customer.

Company Profile


S. Shaha & Co.is our flagship organization of SAHA STEEL® group companies. We are in construction steel business since 1986. Our main promoter Mr. Subrata Saha is in the 3rd generation of their family steel business. We have been marketing flat steel products of Tata Steel, Jindal India Ltd., Bhushan Steel, Lloyd Steel for many years since now.

With Kari Steel, we, SAHA STEEL group have entered into the long product construction steel manufacturing business. Many eminent experts and thinkers in construction business are associated with us as advisors. Prof. Dr. Gopal Mitra, eminent architect of one of the architects of former World Trade Centre, USA (destructed on 9/11) is our main advisor and ambassador. Kari Steel, in true sense is the "NEXT GENERATION CONSTRUCTION STEEL".

Mr Subrata Saha &
Prof. Dr. Gopal Mitra