It can be used as a general-purpose concrete reinforcement in all types of reinforced concrete constructions, especially in the slab.
It can be used in combination with any grade of concrete like M-15, M-20 & M-25 with economy, functional aspects, structural safety and strength.

  • Pre welded mesh for concrete per-cast slabs used in different construction.

  • Spum Pipes





















Since KARI STEEL is the highest grade (Fe 550) construction steel, it has min.tensile strength of 585 N/mm2 that goes upto 700 N/mm2 leading to huge savings in steel usage and give much more strength to reinforced concrete than usual Fe 415 grade TOR/TMT steel.

This product has passed by "National Test House, Calcutta (Govt. of India Enterprise) both for physical & chemical properties of its grade e.g. Fe 550.

Range: 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 9mm.

Features :

  • Highest Grade (Fe550) construction steel

  • Saves 30% usage of steel

  • 20% cost is saved

  • Replaces 1mm higher dia steel. e.g 1mt of 5mm Kari steel = 1.6 Mt of 6mm ordinary wire rod. 

  • 1mt ==1.67mt of 6mm ordinary wire rod

  • other TOR steel & TMT manufacturer make mostly FE415

  • 1MT 7mm Kari steel ==1.4 MT of 8mm ordinary TOR STEEL


Kari steel-at a glance
Element Characteristics Advantages
Yield Strength 555 N/mm2 Longevity & Durability of concrete structure.
Tensile Strength 585 N/mm2 Higher Tensile Strength reduces over usage of steel.
Saving in steel -- Generating substantial saving in steel of 25% and above
Sizes and length Varied and customized Available from 4 to 9mm. Length can customized to save wastage.
Bend ability 5D Fast and easy work ability, save cost and time due to higher bend ability.
Weld ability Very high Easy weld ability. "Kari steel Mesh" can be used to save time.
International Acceptance Highly compatible Conform to IS:1785 Fe 550 grade and code of practice is 456.It also confirms to international standard like DIN 488 & B.S 4483.